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Around La Flèche

treasures to discover

Don't miss the opportunity to discover our small and very special town, with its rich past built around the royal college which became a military academy thanks to Henry IV, its private mansions, its lake of La MONNERIE, and its many footpaths which are ideal for observation.

Numerous guided tours are available at the tourist office or by following this link.

La Flèche Zoo

La Flèche Zoo

The Zoo of La Flèche welcomes you all year round, in a natural area where everything is designed for the well-being of the animals.

You will discover many species of mammals (wolves, sea lions, lions), birds (parrots, penguins) and reptiles (star tortoises).

Numerous activities are offered during your visit, including the possibility of following a zookeeper for a few hours, a complete immersion in the life of the zoo.

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In La Flèche, you will find everything you need to delight your taste buds and spend a very pleasant moment over a good meal.

Do not hesitate to come and ask for information at the hotel reception.

Le Moulin des 4 saisons 02.43.451.212

L'Idée Gourmande 02.43.450.017

La table de Laurène 02.43.457.049

La Fleur de Sel 02.43.452.796

L'Anti Pasta 02.43.947.360

Le Chant des Cocottes 02.43.945.776

Le Grill Fléchois 02.43.945.957

Le Gargantua 02.43.944.577  

And some other suggestions, contact us ...

List of restaurants in La Flèche

The Loir valley by bike

The Loir valley by bike

You will be able to ride in complete safety, at your own pace, and admire the numerous assets of the region and the very diverse landscapes: plains, vineyards, forests...

The proposed itineraries will give you the opportunity to discover or rediscover in a different way all the treasures of the Val de Loir over reasonable distances of 25 to 50 km, as well as short distance itineraries for the younger ones. These itineraries include all the services to make your cycling holiday easier

The La Flèche tourist office offers bike hire, some of which are electric, a way of discovering our region with little or no effort...

Whether you are passing through LA FLECHE on your way to the VELOBUISSONIERE*, we will always be there to welcome you and allow you to rest for a while.

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The castles

The castles

Some can be visited, others not, but they are all beautiful to see: Le Lude, Baugé, Durtal, Bazouges sur Loir, Malicorne, Mareil sur Loir etc...

Circuit Buggatti du Mans

Circuit Buggatti du Mans

The Buggati Circuit of Le Mans is a permanent motorsports circuit located south of the city.

It is best known for the famous endurance races: the 24 hours of Le Mans, but also for motorbike races: 24 hours of Le Mans motorbike, Grand Prix de France motorbike and truck races (24 hours trucks) and classic cars (Le Mans classic).

The hotel offers special rates for the French Motorcycle Grand Prix and the "Le Mans classique".

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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La Vallée du Loir à vélo

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